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Money Doesn’t Always Buy Happiness By: Taylor McGlone One would think unhappiness is what most people would want to avoid. But in the case of Mrs. Loisel, she brings unhappiness upon herself. Unhappiness can break a heart more than a first love and could very easily make your life miserable. Wanting more and more then not being able to have it could end up leaving you ungrateful and living in misery. Relying on money and lavish items to bring happiness isn’t a healthy state of mind. But to Mrs. Loisel it’s all that matters. In Guy De Maupassant’s The Necklace, Mrs. Loisel is living an unhappy life. Daydreaming about things you wish you had could cast unhappiness upon you, lying about something and deliberately trying to hide the truth could put you in more trouble than confessing to your wrong-doing, and not appreciating what you have could lead to an unhappy, and more importantly, unhealthy lifestyle. Mrs. Loisel is introduced through a daydream. She dreams of marrying a rich man, having oriental décor, rooms filled with expensive silks and furniture that couldn’t be matched with a price. After Mrs. Loisel has finished daydreaming, reality sinks back in and the extent of her unhappiness is emphasized. The life of luxury is what Mrs. Loisel claims “to only be born for.” She may have the looks to seem like she belongs in the higher class, but looks aren’t everything. Mrs. Loisel needs to learn to accept the life she has been giving and not think so low of it. Once again, she daydreams about the night of the party imagining how different things could have been. Dwelling on the past is a waste of time. What happened in the past can’t be changed. But Mrs. Loisel doesn’t seem to realize that. Daydreaming can have a positive side, but in Mrs. Loisel’s case, it only brings her unhappiness. She dreams about things she wishes she had that would make her life that

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