Unhappiness In Brave New World Essay

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Meg McClintock Mr. Kyzer December 3, 2008 English 12 The Unseen Unhappiness The novel Brave New World shows a world in which a utopian society promotes everyone to be happy and at peace, this is not always the case. There are at least three characters in the novel who present a state of unhappiness, and who want more than they have in their perfect world. Lenina Crowne, Helmholtz Watson, and Bernard Marx all show evidence of being unhappy. The society in Brave New World forces them in to a state of unhappiness which they cannot escape. Lenina Crowne is one of the main characters in the novel, and her thoughts and actions promote one to believe she is unhappy. In the beginning of the novel Lenina is talking to a friend about how she doesn’t want to have more than one guy in her life, that she is happy with…show more content…
Helmholtz Watson isn’t a major character in the novel, but he does represent another type of unhappiness that is shown throughout the novel. Helmholtz is just the opposite of Bernard. He is respected and well liked by most people, and was placed into a highly developed caste. Helmholtz is unhappy because he feels that he is too strong and powerful for the world he is living in, and it is suppressing him and not enabling him to show his full potential. Helmholtz is extremely intelligent and understands things that many people in his world do not. He is angry that he cannot escape his caste and he wants to be greater than he already is. The world shown in the novel is set up in such a way that no one can be greater or more powerful than others. The utopian society shown in the novel Brave New World presents a world that is supposed to be perfect in which everyone is happy. This may be true in some cases, but as shown by evidence in the analysis of three different characters, we can state that the perfect world is in actuality not a prefect world. People are in fact
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