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Unforgettable experience Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the risk and consequences of disobeying traffic laws when operating a moped. Central Idea: Disobeying traffic laws can lead to serious injury and big fines. Introduction I. What is more likely to be involved in a fetal accident than any other passenger vehicle? II. If you answer, “a motorcycle or moped”, you are right. III. Mopeds are the most used way of transportation for spring breakers. IV. Today I would like to answer two questions. A. What are the dangers and risk associated with violating traffic laws while operating a moped? B. What is the best way to avoid accidents and traffic fines while operating a moped? (Transition: Let’s start with the first question- what are the dangers associated with violating traffic laws while operating a moped?) Body I. There are many risk and dangers associated with operating a moped. A. Being struck by a vehicle while operating a moped can lead to serious injury. B. Mopeds are typically small, making them harder to be seen by other motorist. C. Broken bones and head injuries are more likely to occur to an individual operating a moped than to an individual in a passenger vehicle. D. If moped is damaged while in your possession, you may not be able to get your refundable deposit. II. Obeying traffic laws when operating a moped can reduce your chances of acquiring a serious injury and traffic fines. A. When riding with traffic, it is important to follow the same traffic laws as if you where in a passenger vehicle. B. When passing a vehicle, use extra precaution. C. Do not pass a vehicle by going outside the restricted lane. (Internal summary: There is no definite way to avoid an accident, but with proper precautions, you can tremendously

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