Unfoorgiven and Mercy Among the Children

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Film Connections: Unforgiven and Mercy among the Children Justice Although good or evil is not that clear in the movie Unforgiven, I believe that there’s no one has a “just” idea of what to do. First, Alice is the only one shows good comparing with Skinny and Little Bill. She clearly knows what she loves and what she hates. Although she collects money to hire killers to revenge Delilah on the cowboys (because of the strong sense of self-esteem), she definitely regrets doing that since she saw the dead body of the young cowboy. She never thinks about killing is really going to happen. Then, as the owner of the brothel, Skinny views the prostitutes as his property – same as horses. A man doesn’t know how to respect people neither has “just” idea. Little Bill is the worst. As the sheriff of the Big Whiskey, he controls the whole town with his own “justice” – the rules filling of violence. He doesn’t know the key of enforcing the law as a lawman. But when he deals with those two cowboys who cutting the face of Delilah, he avoids violence because he believes that prostitutes is property of Skinny which is the last straw of the whole story. Little Bill regards himself as the order of the Big Whiskey which symbolize the personal power of him. But he is paid back for what he has done at last. I think the nature of Justice is that justice is the right which belongs to the strong. For instance, Little bill is used to be the most powerful man in the Big Whiskey. He hits English Bob almost to death to warn people: do not against my words or I’ll destroy you and kick you out of the town! Here, the justice is the words of Little Bill. But justice becomes what William Munny has done after he kills Little Bill. I don’t think his killing even breaks the law. In another words, it’s just a punishment of an opinionating man who has power. I believe that what William says before he
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