Unfit Police Officers

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Police Employers Should Recognize Unfit Applicants Prior to Employment. Christopher Johnson Over the last decade the American culture has endured an unwavering increase in crime which has required law enforcement hiring authorities across the nation, to implement a surge in the employment of police officers. In the wake of this aftermath, many unworthy applicants have joined the police officer ranks and are discharging the duties and responsibilities of upholding the law. The American society has suffered a great deal through the actions of unsuitable and corrupted police officers. The most contributing factor regarding corrupt police officers correlates to the fundamental qualities and attributes of the individuals performing the job. Law enforcement hiring authorities should ensure that applicants are worthy of employment prior to hiring them, and failure to do so will ultimately result in future notorieties and civil liabilities for the affiliated police departments. Police employers across the United States have failed to recognize unsuitable candidates for employment which has resulted in professional misconduct ranging from police brutality, sexual assault, and unlawful corruption among the nation’s entrusted police officers. Police brutality is the highest form of reported police misconduct across the nation at the hands of unethical police officers. Police brutality amounts to 23.8% of all annual reported offenses relating to police misconduct (CATO’s Institute, n.d.). Reported acts of excessive force included unnecessary use of physical assault, firearms, tasers, patrol cars, chemical weapons, and police dogs (CATO’s Institute, n.d.). Many citizens argue that racial discrimination is the largest contributing factor towards police brutality on the behalf of unethical police officers. Unethical police officers often target populace whom are
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