Unfinished Midsummer Night's Dream Notes Essay

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1.I believe Shakespeare had Hippolyta speak only 5 lines in the first scene, because he wanted to get across to the reder her annoyance by the situation and her unwillingness to be there. 2. The law of Athens that Egeus invokes against hermia is the law stating that Hermia, having been created by Egeus, belongs to him and is his property, thus granting him the power to dispose of her as he may wish. 3. If Demetreus truly loved Hermia, he would have allowed her to go with whomever she may choose. Obviously Demetrius takes the side of Egeus, showing the reader just how selfish and self absorbed he is. Because of this, if I were directing a movie of A Midsummer Night's Dream, I would portray Demetrius as very selfish and self important, and I would portray Lysander as very soft and kind, but very determined and brave. 4. If I were to create a theatrical setting for the first scene, I would choose a dark lighting for the environment, to show that the scene consists of a very dark situation. I would place Theseus at a height above everyone else, to show his rank and importance. I would place Hippolyta below him in height, to show the power Theseus has over her. I would create some sort of court room, consisting of a large jury's table, and a grand, tall chair for the jury himself. I would place seats on the right hand side for characters to be seated in while other characters talk. 5.I believe Helena decided to tell Demetrius of her friend's plan, because she wanted to gain his trust and admiration. She wanted to feel important in Demetrius's eyes, and the only way she felt she could gain his attention was to tell him the information he wanted to know most. 6.---- 7.My first impression of this amateur troup of actors is that they're constantly afraid. They're always afraid of seeming too realistic, too scary, etc. They don't seem to realize that the beauty in acting

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