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Extended Essay What Liberals On the 4th of December 1905 the Conservative Government, which had been in office for ten consecutive years, resigned. In the general election that followed in January 1906 the Liberals won four hundred seats, a huge majority in the House of Commons. Between 1906 and 1914, the Liberal Government introduced a series of reforms that tried to better the quality of life for the young, sick, old and unemployed. Many historians will argue that this was mainly because more and more working class people were receiving the vote and the categories of the reforms seemed to be aimed at this social group. The reforms demonstrate the split that had emerged within liberalism, between modern liberalism and classical liberalism, and a change in direction for the Liberal Party. The first of these reforms were aimed at the under privileged children. The first of these was free school meals, which were to be paid for, voluntarily, by the local council’s budget. However many councils rejected this as the cost was usually greater than what was subsidised for and also the members of the council were most likely to be the parents of those who could afford to have school meals, therefore not seeing the point in paying for others (the idea of laissez-faire was still a strong one). However providing free school meals was made compulsory in 1914 and in that year over 14 million meals were served in total in comparison to 9 million in 1910. In 1907 the notification of births act was which stated that medical officer of health had to be notified as soon as was possible after a child was born. He was then to arrange a trained health visitor to visit the mother in her home and talk to her about the best ways in protecting her child. The 1907 probations act established a probation service in a community for young offenders as an alternative to

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