Unfamiliar Topic “Orchid View” Care Home West Sussex Essay

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Unfamiliar topic “Orchid View” care home West Sussex An issue of neglect was raised in care home in Sussex for elder people where following the neglect 5 deaths had occurred. In evidence during a 5 week inquest it was revealed that residents ai “Orchid View” care home West Sussex. Residents were given the wrong dose of medication, were left dirty, pads were not changed due to lack of staff, because of serious failures in the home management. There was institutionalized abuse trough the care home. Residents and family had complained but no action was taken. The public took serious action when death was the result for 5 residents. Police was informed and as the home was not even 5% up to standard regulations and the care home was closed. The whist blower said coming forward would have had a better consequences rather than hiding and covering up. But she went to the police after being told by a staff nurse from the care home, that day had found 28 drug errors from just one night shift. She added 19 residents suffered from suboptimal care, five residents died from natural causes which were contributed by neglect. One resident named jean H was given an overdose of warfarin in the care home which had failed to monitor and administer medication properly. One of staff member wrote in the mar charts after Mrs. Half P had been sent to hospital from bleeding. Care home’s is now have learnt a lot from this incident and brought more Policies and good Practice to action. More training is in place by council for care homes to send the staff. A department of Health spokesperson said: “The lack of care and concern shown towards this care residents was truly appalling. We have made it clear that they must be a sharper focus on taking action when things go wrong and holding those responsible. After hearing such incidents, public is more afraid about their loved ones in

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