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Unemployment in the United States and Italy Essay

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Below is an essay on "Unemployment in the United States and Italy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

One macroeconomics parameter of interest is that of unemployment. Unemployment is a term referring to the inability for workers who are willing to work to find gainful employment. Gainful employment implies that a reasonable profit should be derived from it by the worker(s). The level or degree of unemployment in a nation is one measurement and indicator of the economic health of the country (What is Unemployment). There are a wide range of many factors that can negatively affect the unemployment rate of a country. Some of these include corporate downsizing, mergers, implementation of automation technologies, job outsourcing to other nations, and some even argue that illegal immigration can have a possible impact on the unemployment rate of a country. When unemployment is high, mid-level jobs are actually the most difficult to find, while minimum-wage jobs are always plentiful but are not profitable and are therefore not considered gainful employment for the majority of the work force (What is Unemployment). Unemployment is a major factor for any country. Unemployment affects inflation, trade, the standard of living, taxes, and many issues of economic growth. It is actually very easy to find information on unemployment, but some of it is hard to discern and understand. Also, there is somewhat of a problem finding very recent information about unemployment, since most of what we know of it comes from analyzing past data and recorded patterns. Very recent statistics aren’t often processed yet. It is harder to find information on other countrie’s unemployment. Most of the time European unemployment is grouped altogether in one category, and it becomes tricky to pull apart and distinguish focused information on one country. But for this paper the unemployment issues of United States are compared to those specifically of Italy, which is the other focuse of this topic. The United States currently has low unemployment rates and substantial creation of jobs...

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