Unemployment of Gradutates Essay

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Over the years, it has become a social norm to go to college after high school. A long time ago, it was an accomplishment to receive a high school diploma, but now society replaced the importance of a high school diploma with a bachelor’s degree. Students go to college for many different reasons but a main reason is to get a high paying job. However, the numbers of students who receive a job immediately out of college have become scarcer and scarcer over the years. The main reason students are having difficulty finding employment after graduation is because students do not get the experience of working within the field while studying. . Universities need to provide students with hands-on experiences to increase the chances of employment after receiving a degree. There have been several recessions in the past few decades, which lower the chances of employment. According to a line graph of unemployment rates of college graduates featured in The Atlantic 2013, the recession from 2008-2009 left many unemployed, but there was a steep increase of unemployment immediately after the recession ended in late 2009. Why was there a lower rate of unemployment of college grads during the recession than after? The reason lies within the pay: young college graduates do not have experience just an education and they receive a lower pay than an experienced worker. What is comes down to now that the nation is out of recession is employers would rather hire a skillful work with experience than a college graduate. “Employers say that recent graduates often don’t know how to communicate effectively, and struggle with adapting, problem solving, and making decisions. For some employers, on-the-job experience may matter more than a studen’ts major or grade-point average” (Fischer). In a survey shown The Chronicle, 42% of employers find it difficult to find a

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