Unemployment in Nigeria Essay

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My country is currently lots of issues facing my country today. Amongst al the issues, I believe the issue of unemployment is the most important because it affects millions of lives in my country. Unemployment refers to a state of a country's citizens (or of a person) whereby there is a huge number of people without jobs. This issue is very evident im my country. It is heart breaking to see thousands of graduates every years and also a huge number of Nigerians unemployed. The streets are filled up with youths without jobs who would have found gainful employment or demonstrated their skills and resourcefulness if there are enabling environment and reliable structures on ground. It is so critical that two-third of the working population are unemployed citizens. The issue of unemployment has been a serious issue facing my country especially since the 1980s. During this period, the nation's economy took a turn for the worse as the Nigerian currency devalued and World petroleum prices tumbled. Also, corruption became rampant and the population increased at a breath taking pace. This problem is also as a result of the corruption, mismanagement of resources and bad leadership over the years. It has hindered economic growth of the country as well as high rate of poverty and low standard of living amongst majority of its citizens. Also, the rate of illegal activities in the society has critically increased. These illegal activities have become the order of the day amongst most of our youths. People have engaged in criminal activities and false employment such as armed robbery, kidnapping, prostitution, cybercrime, etc. The large number of youths who are unemployed are also capable of undermining democratic practice, as they constitute a serious threat engaged by political clandestine activities. This critical issue can be tackled through the creation of more job
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