Unemployment Essay

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Unemployment has been a problem throughout the United States since the beginning of our economic structure. In the most obvious sense, unemployment means "being without a job." The term unemployment is one description of the economic condition of a society at any given time. Low unemployment means the majority of the labor force is involved in, or looking for steady work. On the other hand, high unemployment is an indication of an economy in recession, or even worse. This implies that a sizable percentage of the labor force is not currently working. Until they actually start working again, they will be counted in government data as "unemployed". Throughout the 1900's there has been numerous polls taken that shocked everyone. The unemployment rate for those who cannot read and write is dramatically higher than for those who can . Illiteracy is a hidden problem throughout the United States . Another poll taken showed that an estimated 23 percent of Americans can read a stop sign but cannot fill out an employment form. Of those who can read and write, large numbers of adults cannot read and write past the fifth grade level . How are people going to get a job if they are not even able to inform the company of their skills? Clear that there have been several problems that play a role when the unemployment rate increases. Indeed, the experience of the past several decades suggest that no simple, quick, or radical remedy can eliminate the multitude of choke-points that are strangling U.S. economic and political processes. Spending, the whole line of supply and demand is severely impacted. After the peak and recession phase, the economy enters its lowest point . The factories and firms begin to operate at less productive levels. This, in turn, creates high unemployment. This phase is referred to as

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