Unemployment Essay

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People buy, sell, trade and are generally part of any kind of transactions. Due to the fact that my parents were shareholders in different companies, I was always fascinated and eager with the idea of following their steps. The economic aspect of matters always drew my attention and as I grew up I learned to look one step ahead and pay attention to details. Since young age, I always used to sit and listen to my parents’ discussions and sometimes arguments about negotiations, contracts and many other economic terms which I was not able to understand. As I grew up though, I got the chance to make my first economic steps by following subjects such as Economics and Accounting. By then I was sure that the course I wanted to study was about Business Management. Taking part in MEDIMUN, in other words in the Mediterranean Model UN 2009 I was given the chance to develop and work on my debating skills. I was also fortunate enough to work with new people. Me, the delegate of Austria I got the chance to message out my opinion and exchange ideas with other delegates. This supplied me with debating skills as well as confidence. The result of our research was a resolution which was excellently commended. Moreover, the fact that I am familiar with three different languages; English, Greek and French supplied me with skills that made me able to join my school’s Public Speaking team. As a chairperson, my team and I took part in a Public Speaking Competition for two consecutive years, with topics such the Credit Crunch, winning Second place on the first year. In addition being given the title of a school Prefect, I had a lot more responsibilities and my duties to the school were doubled. This made me understand the importance of responsibility and the significance of following school rules. Thus I believe that Business Studies are what suits me best as they will help me

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