Unemployment Essay

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Hi, My name is Laurie. The state of Florida must hate me. I didn’t receive a Pell grant again, so I missed our meet and greet trying to pay for this class. I was on the side of the road with my sign, “Will mow lawns for Locklin money”. I have met a lot of you all, but I want to meet everyone. Quickly, I wanted to share about myself. I moved here from upstate NY and I have a B.S. from U.W.F in Marine Biology and it turns out it really is B.S. I also, have a degree in interdisciplinary sciences which deals with two or more disciplines. I couldn’t find a job so I decided to do Pharmacy Tech. I have made friends with all of my Pharmacy techs and realize how important their job is to me and everyone. I wanted to say congratulations to all the groups that have presented. You all did an amazing job. I know how hard it is to talk in front of people that you really do not know. When I was a senior in high school a year ago. Ok, Fine twelve years ago I did a presentation on Queen Bloody Mary. I don’t know if this is a northern game, but in NY you turn around three times saying bloody Mary in a mirror in the dark and look. Queen Mary is supposed to appear. Well, I decided to show this for my speech and till this day I swear the paramedics were wrong. I didn’t pass out from the three turns, I passed out from public speaking! Also, my first year at UWF, I was told I would never have to do public speaking. So they lied, literature one, our first assisgnment was a ten minute speech. Hmmmm… All I could think was how to get out of this project. Any guesses? ______. I hate needles, but my friend decided we should do some teamwork and came to an idea. I got my tongue pierced. Our group is number sixteen. I am working with Stephan and

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