Unemployed African Americans Essay

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Carrie Strickland English July 3, 2012 Unemployed African Americans Today the one huge problem in African Americans’ is unemployment. Employment has always been a problem for African Americans. With today’s economy, the employment rate is lower for blacks. If we as African Americans stand together and build our community, than we would not have to battle with other minorities. In the history of employment Caucasians and foreigners have been the business owners. As business owners, they tend to look out for their own race, which continue to leave African Americans unemployed. As African Americans, it is time for us to open our own businesses and decrease the unemployment rate for our black people. The economy can prosper by us standing strong together and building an empire for our children. Society may not like our unity and even try to destroy ours businesses. They may take away the grants to slow us down, but as long as we stand firm nothing can stop us. It is time for us to take a stand and help ourselves like our ancestors did long ago! For decades, our country has been run by Caucasians and Foreigners. This century we have gotten a chance to see an African American President. President Obamas has gotten tired of being another complaining black man. He was tired of being mistreated and being put last. He took that stand that we all need to take. Obama has made history becoming the 1st African American President of the United States. Are you tired of being looked down upon by others? When Caucasians’ and Foreigners’ see African Americans move into their neighbor, they automatically think that their property value will decrease. African American can be seen in a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood and we

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