Undertake Marketing Activities Essay

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certificate 4Marketing activity 1 Plan criteria | Description | Activity name | Local print advertisements | Description | Activity type -Print advertisement in the local newspapers.Target market- 18-34 males , 18-34 femalesObjective – localized brand awareness of upcoming live event to be held in 2 months timeDetail-we will conduct 2 month of localized print advertisements promoting a ufc evnt that will be held in the local area.Kpi – 100% sale of tickets to the live ufc event over 2 month period. | Resources | $30000 budget –($8000 wages $2000 material cost $ 20000 newspaper advertisement)Resources involved – marketing staff , marketing manager , local newspaper staff , computers and software, newspapers | Timing | 2 months duration end at the commencement of the live ufc card | Role and responsibility | Marketing staff – create and develop print advertisements, take print advertisements to management for approval , develop multiple ads to advertise the upcoming eventMarketing manager—gives financial approval, gives print advertisements approval, supervisors marketing staff to ensure success of planNewspaper –provides newspaper space for ads , approves advertisement for there newspapers , sells and delivers newspapers | Evaluation | Measurement of the success of the marketing plan will be done through ticket sales , payperview sales ,social media mentions of the event and people researching the event on the ufc website. | Marketing activity 2 Plan criteria | Description | Activity name | Billboards | Description | Activity type - billboard advertisementTarget market - 18-34 males , 18-34 females.Activity objective- national and localised brand awareness of upcoming event to be held in the near future . Detailed description – national and local billboard advertisement promoting upcoming live ufc payperview event.Kpi – 100% sellout of
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