Understanding Research Terminology Essay

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Research involves the study of something to discover facts and maybe even apply the findings in order to change something. There are two types of research, there is basic or pure research and then there is applied research, in which you really don’t need both in order to complete a study but in most cases is a good idea. Researchers have their own language, like doctors and police officers, researchers use researchese in order to understand the terminology used by scientist so that they are able to properly conduct research. The question is how will acknowledging and understanding these terms in a research study help analyze the data collected? The research process involves steps that must be taken in order to get an accurate collection of factual information. As defined at (dictionary.com, 2011), “research is diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, application, etc.” The first step in the research process is the problem formulation in which the overlook of what is being investigated or studied. For example, if a large prison was conducting a study that involved male inmates with a high risk factor of returning to prison for the same crime like armed robbery and car theft. The first step is the most important because it gives the researcher purpose for the study as well as a guide to what is needed. The next step is the design of research to be done. The research design according to (Hagan,2010), is the type of experimental or non-experimental approach, studies of a group (or groups) at one time or over a period of time, and use of control groups, (p. 19). Then there is the collection of data, this is the third step in the research

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