Understanding Research In Practice Essay

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Griffith University
School of Nursing and Midwifery
Semester 2, 2011

1979NRS Understanding Research in Practice

Assessment Item 2: Small-group written guided discussion paper

Length: 1500 words

Weighting: 60%

Marked out of: 100

Working in small groups of three (3) this assessment item has been designed to examine:

1) your ability to work effectively with others 2) your ability to use databases to find valid sources of information; 3) your ability to make judgments (evaluate) the credibility of the information gathered; 4) your ability to demonstrate an understanding of why research is important for clinical practice; 5) Your ability to produce written work that reflects academic writing and library
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In the space below write 2 fully developed paragraphs*# that clearly demonstrate your understanding of which factors might influence an RNs decision on whether to use this piece of research evidence or not in their practice.

* In writing your answer you will need to: * Refer to your other two research articles (as identified in section 3) * Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the articles * Discuss what the similarities and differences mean in terms of finding an answer to your research question and in turn their usefulness to practice

* You must support your claims of quality and usefulness to practice with reference to the relevant literature

(15 Marks – approximately 170 – 225 words)

*A fully developed paragraph will: - Have a clear topic
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