Understanding Rae And Ethnicity Essay

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Understanding Race and Ethnicity Karena Busch Eth/125: Cultural Diversity May 15, 2011 Ramona Loughran Understanding Race and Ethnicity 1. Is there a clear scientific way to classify races? No, because race is a socially constructed concept (J. Young 2003). There is no way for scientists to identify distinctive physical characteristics for groups of human beings, like they do to distinguish one animal species from the next. According to our text, “Racial and Ethnic Groups” Tenth Edition, by Richard T. Schaefer, “biologically there are no pure, distinct races. An example would be blood types cannot distinguish racial groups with any accuracy and we cannot apply pure racial types to humans because it will become problematic, due to interbreeding.” 2. What is meant by “the social construction of race?” Social constructs are based on the way we grow up or the way our society has grown into it. Social construct is scientifically untrue and is created in our minds by the way we grew up. Example of this would be women vs men, rich vs poor, and republicans vs democrats. With the social construction of a race our lives are affected on a daily basis by race and we tend to see the world through certain racial lenses, with certain colors of our world, like white, black, Mexican, Asian, or Chinese. How we and other’s are seen affects our lives and others by what kind of jobs we have, the amount of certain money a person makes, the kind of friends we have and make, the places we live, to the foods we eat. As you can see our social structure is affected by at least one or more “social construction” and race intersects and affects our aspects and domain of one’s life and society. 3. What group in society benefits from the social construction of race? I do not feel any group benefits from this because each day people are refusing to designate themselves into a
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