Understanding Race And Ethnicity Essay

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Before reading "Understanding Race and Ethnicity Ch.1" the terms race and ethnicity really never meant too much differance I thought. Since I always considered it to be the same because of the physical traits of ones race, either you were White or Black or foreign in my eyes. Throughought my entire life I look back and see that it has always been around and living and growing up in a small town as I do, race is a huge factor here. I've never really seen or heard too much about ethnic groups until after 911. Since the Twin Tower Attcks on September 11th a major role in how people and even myself think about Arabic has grown increasingly more dominant and talked about. Before that I have no memorys of having people be prejuduce or ever mentioning Arabics. It is almost if that day changed the entire world and especially the United States about a persons view on foreign or ethnic citizens. Throughout the history of the United States a persons race or ethnic background has always been a topic or matter of deep importance whether or not it should be. Race especially has played…show more content…
They were at one time only seen as workers and treated with no respect for the beginning of Americas history. It is sad to me to have that mark on the history of America but during those times it may have seemed normal to the dominat race being white. Things have come far and people are much differant now than back then, but somehow there seems that there will always be a presumption that "Whites" will always be more supperior than all other races. However wrong this concept may be, it has always been around and no matter how much another race struggles to be equal there is this feeling I have that it will never be quite equal as seen through "White" eyes. I hope Americas society does eventually change its views on this. I think the world would be a much more peacful

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