Understanding Professional Supervision Practice Essay

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Understanding Professional Supervision Practice Professional Supervisions is the process of bringing together a care worker and a skilled supervisor to evaluate, reflect on and improve the work of the carer. The supervisions provide opportunities to guide the carer towards competent work and allow for constant development in a working environment. It promotes career development and continual improvement and also helps monitor the care given by workers and helps develop the care given to benefit the service user. Supervisions can be the main factor in aiding towards professional development, allowing not only differing methods of training but also aiding the supervisor to see what extra training is needed for the care staff. They also allow the care worker to feel supported in their day to day activities and can help in staff retention and recruitment, by fostering a happy workplace. Effective supervisions should always benefit all shareholders, the service user, worked, supervisor and the organisation as a whole. Supervisions can be carried out by either an accountable supervisor, known as “Managerial Supervision”, which can be used to review past performance in a more formal manner, with the ability to set time sensitive improvements and targets, and also identify training needs. The other options are to have peer reviewed supervisions, where more reflection is encouraged in a side by side look back at previous works, to allow changes in working practices and personal development. In a care home environment, the CQC requires that 6 formal supervisions are carried out annually per care worker. To meet CQC Standards therefore, care organisations must implement a supervision policy, where supervisions are promoted as a priority activity and documented. Hierarchy must be put in place to allow managerial supervisions to occur and also the framework to support

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