Understanding Partnership Essay

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Understanding Partnership Working Unit 530 A partnership is an arrangement between two or more groups, organizations or individuals to work together to achieve common aims. A definition of Partnership working is about developing inclusive, mutually beneficial relationships that improve the quality and experience of care. This includes the relationships between individuals, their carers’ and service providers. It is also about relationships within and between organisations and services involved in planning and delivering health and social care in the statutory, voluntary, community and independent sectors. Effective partnership working should result in good quality care and support for people and their carers through identifying the respective roles and responsibilities of all parties and how these can best be brought together. There is usually an overarching purpose for partners to work together and a range of specific objectives. Partnerships are often formed to address specific issues and may be short or long term. Working in partnership is a key element of practice within health and social care. The concepts of power sharing, consultation and joint ways of working are essential for effective service provision. Health and social care professionals need to understand the importance of promoting autonomy with individuals. They also need to be aware of their own roles and responsibilities and how they relate to others within the sector. Companies therefore now need to think creatively about how to recruit and involve individuals in planning and delivering of care services and need to invest time and effort in effective ‘partnership working’. This ensures the individual accessing care or services is placed at the centre or home. The team should share a common purpose and vision to improve the individual’s life. Effective partnership working involves many
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