Understanding Organising and Delegating in the Workplace Essay

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Unit: 326 Understanding organising and delegating in the workplace By submitting this assignment I confirm that this is my own work Contents 3. Background 4. Introduction 5. Explain the importance of making effective and efficient use of people’s knowledge and skills while planning a team’s work to achieve objectives & Explain how to identify the appropriate person for an activity in the workplace. 6. Explain how human resources planning can be used to assure output and quality in the workplace, Explain how to delegate tasks effectively & Describe the benefits of empowerment in the workplace. 7. Identify barriers to delegation and how these can be overcome & Explain a technique that could be used to monitor the outcomes of delegation in the workplace Background My name is Ben Harvey; I’m 22 years of age and am the Assistant Manager of The Highworth Hotel. Within my role as Assistant Manager I have various different responsibilities within all aspects of the business; from the day to day running and the long term planning for the business. I manage a small team of 20 staff with a maximum of eight on at any one time, (not including Chefs). The team is structured into general management (Michael and Pauline), assistant management (myself), two supervisors (Ruth and Meg) and the rest of the team. The business is primarily a hotel, with a quality bar which serves locals as well as hotel guests, and a restaurant which is striving for a double rosette AA award. Introduction Within this assignment, I am going to discuss the importance of organisation and delegation between management and staff within my workplace. Organisation is an integral aspect of maintaining a high standard and efficient workplace. Within my own workplace, the organisation

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