Understanding of Unit 1 - P1,P2,M1

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Unit 1 – Developing Effective Communication In this essay, I will be implying my knowledge of what I have learnt so far in unit 1, in relation to the assignment criteria (P1, P2, and M1). For P1, the criteria stated to explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context. During the session is class, we had covered the different forms of communication e.g. formal, informal and so on. We also discussed inter personal interactions and how they are characterized. (Social cohesion). Communications and language preferences and needs were also spoken about (BSL, Makaton, Braille, signs and symbols etc) . Throughout each sessions, there was an activity based that everyone had participated. For instance, group discussion, mind maps, and so forth. Furthermore, we were taught about ‘Blooms Taxonomy’. This was to show how each individual’s understanding was to develop by grading criteria. It would start from the bottom of a basic consistence of having knowledge, then understanding (Pass grade). Followed by application of the knowledge, analysing information (Merit). And finally, synthesis evaluation (Distinction). Each stage would represent a grade, the more you understand and apply your knowledge in the correct aspects, the better grade you will achieve. For P2, it was regarding to discuss the theories of communication. For this, we had a few sessions of two theorists that we had learnt in detail about them. One of them was Michael Argyle, whose theory began of ‘the communication cycle’. This theory included 6 stages that were: ideas occur, message coded, message sent, message received, message decoded and lastly message understood. During the delivery of the session, we were put into groups to present to the rest of the class the last 3 stages of this cycle. After presenting, we worked on our strengths and

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