Understanding Negotiation and Networking in the Workplace Essay

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Contents Understanding negotiation and networking in the workplace Know how to influence and negotiate with others to achieve objectives 1.1 Explain the general principles of negotiation 1.2 Explain a relevant technique for influencing others to achieve workplace objectives 1.3 Describe how to reduce resistance and minimise conflict to achieve a win-win situation in the workplace during negotiations Understand the value of networking 2.1 Explain the value of networking 2.2 Identify an appropriate network for a manager in the workplace 2.3 Describe methods to establish and maintain effective professional relationships with the identified network 1.1 Explain the general principles of negotiation Negotiation is the method of settling differences. It is a process which a compromise or agreement is reached whilst avoiding argument and dispute. In any disagreement, individuals aim to achieve the best possible outcome for their position. However, the principles of fairness, seeking mutual benefit and maintaining a relationship are the key to a successful outcome. It is important to understand the four key principles of negotiation: Principle 1 – Build trust through mutual understanding and meaningful communication Principle 2 – Focus on revealing underlying interests rather than positions Principle 3 – Widen the options for finding a solution Principle 4 – Reach agreement that satisfies interests and adds value for all parties There are times when there is no need to negotiate formally but remembering the key facts as above will be helpful. Negotiation is vital for any organisations effectiveness and optimising the performance of activities internally and externally. The definition of negotiation in the English dictionary: ‘Discussion aimed at reaching an agreement’. Without negotiation, conflict

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