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Isaac Antonio Ruiz Lifespan Human Development Extra Credit Book Review 6/30/2008 Sheehy, Gail (1998). Understanding Men's Passages: Discovering the new map of Men's. New York: Random House. Summary In Understanding men's passages, Gail Sheehy says that women have menopause and it produces a change of their lives; nevertheless, men lack of this physiological change but experience a change in their lives during a five to ten year period, which Gail Sheehy calls to this "manopause", when men experience hormonal fluctuations attached with accelerated physical and psychological changes. Sheehy maintains that because men are unprepared for this post-forty passage, and regard change not as growth, but as loss and failure, men are less able than women to…show more content…
That’s because scientists have not conducted long-term studies of testosterone in healthy men. Small, short-term studies, though, illustrate the potential for testosterone therapy as well as its possible perils. Therefore, the approach of this book on hormonal declines in men has to do more with psychological approach than physiological. This book cannot be applied in countries with a generally healthy lifestyle where male- menopause symptoms are low, such as eating a healthy diet and regular exercise. In particular, certain foods can impair hormone balance including harmful fats, such as those found in margarine and refined vegetable oils, packaged foods containing hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats, and refined sugar. One of the things that struck me about this book is something that I've been thinking about, too. That's the idea that there is an extra cycle in life in our 50s. There's a whole time period of vibrant life, between middle age and old age. Gail Sheehy uses terms like the "influential 60s" and the "age of integrity." People in their 50s and 60s aren't old

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