Understanding Interactions Among Groups Essay

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Understanding Interactions among Groups Luis Alberto Pulido HIS379: The Atlantic World Prof: Andrew Cramer February 5, 2013 Understanding Interactions among Groups It has been said, “To really understand a culture you must first be there.” The Atlantic World is one of those unique worlds which are made up of many different interactions among groups of people. The Atlantic World has been shaping up ever since Christopher Columbus discovered the “New World”. From the Amerindians, to slave trades of Africa, and to the European discovering new worlds, patterns of interaction between them developed specific areas to what is today. Major encounters took place between the 16th and 17th century when the Atlantic World began to take shape. Despite the failures within these groups, the Atlantic World developed through the interaction among them, through the roles of religion, race, and gender. It took incredible courage for the first Europeans to interact with the Amerindians. Amerindians are the indigenous people of the Americas, who throughout time developed a close relationship with many Europeans. During the 16th and 17th century, colonization brought millions of men and women into contact with different cultures. Each group of people had to adjust to their unfamiliar environment, which consisted of strangers, people of different races, cultures, and backgrounds (Benjamin, Hall, & Rutherford, 2001). Additionally, Europeans started to spread the word of their god, and this all of sudden became one of their important missions throughout the Americas. For example, from Mexico to South America the majority of the people today are Christians or Catholics. The Spaniards religion developed and influenced many of the indigenous people throughout the 16th and 17th century. (Carnes & Garraty, 2008). Furthermore, through their influence race mixing began with

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