Understanding Innovation and Change Essay

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Benefits of change and innovation Change can be extremely scary for staff and they can often react in negatives ways when a company announces that something is going to change. However it is often overlooked by them how change and innovation can benefit them. It is down to their line manager to improve their perception of change and promote its acceptance by pointing out how it can bring new opportunities for them to be a valued member of the team. Change and innovation can help breal up monotonous job roles and gives your workforce a chance to refocus . It can also ive you an oportunity to help encourage skill growth as new may need to develop new skills to accomplish new duties. Barriers to change and innovation There are many reasons why employees resist change and innovation in the workplace. Each team member could ave different reasons to resisting the change happening, it could be for any of the following reasons and often more than one: Loss of Job Bad Communication Strategy Shock and Fear of the Unknown Loss of Control Lack of Competence Poor Timing Lack of Reward Loss of Support System Empathy and Peer Pressure Lack of Trust and Support By finding out what is creating the barrier in your workforce will give the capability of challenging the resistance in a positive way so that that the change can go ahead and obtain the maximum impact that was intended. Overcoming barriers to change and innovation Employee engagement is vital when a change within an organisation is imminent. It gives the workforce personal investment and accountability for the change to be effective and a positive move for the organisation. Ensuring that all communication with staff is in a timely manner, is true, consistent and straightforward. It must contain the reasons, what needs to be achieved and the plan to achieve it. Communicating
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