Understanding Health and Health Promotion

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Understanding Health and Health Promotion Introduction In this assignment I will be analysing and comparing the different views of health by three different professionals. To achieve this I have used one of the original definitions given and two of my own I have used the Wikipedia definition as I believe it is more up to date as it was only reviewed in 2011 and as I also believe all three are different from one another I should achieve a more rounded view. I will also be writing my own perception of health and what I believe are the most important values of health wellbeing. I will also be explaining the meaning of health promotion and the benefits it provides. 1:1 Analyse 3 Definitions Of Health For our society to develop an understanding of health and how to improve it, we first have to define health and what it is to be healthy. There are many factors that influence our definition of health, the four main ones that influence definitions are age, culture, gender and social class. There are different models of health that professionals use when deciding whether someone is healthy or not. What is health? What is meant by the definition “Health?” Below are 3 examples as defined by some of the leaders in health promotion. (1948) The WHO (World Health Organisation): “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. (1:1a) This is a precise example of what defines health, but how accurate is it? It may be agreeable to state that health consists of complete physical, mental and social well-being but in the modern day this may not be correct as this includes all disease and infirmity. It may not be ethical for example to suggest that simply because a person requires the use of glasses to read they are not healthy. Poor eyesight would be considered a disability but in today’s society it
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