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nu Understanding Food Labels Kimberly Williams SCI/241 08/02/2013 University Of Phoenix Understanding Food Labels  Discuss and define what the 5/20 rule is according to the “Food Label and You” video and include an example from your own pantry. The 5/20 rule for nutrition means that if your food has 5% or less of daily value (DV) of nutrient than it is not a good source of food for your body. A food that has 20% of a nutrient or higher is an excellence source for you. There are nutrients like sodium that we need which has 5% nutrients and there certain kinds an example of the 5/20 would be Campbell’s noodle soup it only has 3% DV but around 20% DV Sodium in it which is not at all beneficial. Discuss the six key food label facts presented in the “How to Understand Nutritional Food Label” article that can help consumers understand food labels more effectively. The six key food label facts nutrition, label divided into 6 sections. 1. Serving Size, 2. Amount of Calories 3. Limit these nutrients get enough of these. 5. Percent (%) Daily Value. 6. Footnote with daily values (DVS) the percent daily helps to recognize whether or not food is rich in nutrient. This is where the rule 5/20 comes in like if the food item you have only contains 5% DV than that food item is not beneficial for a human body be careful though certain nutrients. A food should only have ½ cup serving size but the serving size may be 21/2 servings when looking at calories it should show you the amount of energy that you will get from a single serving. The nutrients are what you will want to get the least like cholesterol, Trans fat, and fat. The other thing should look at is your Vitamins C, Calcium an your iron these are also very important you need to make sure that you understand the footnote which is at the bottom of the nutrition label. The footnote tells that a person’s

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