Understanding Country Cultures

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Understanding Country Cultures Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Analysis of Korea 4 2.1 Basic Background Information of Korea 4 2.2 The national Chracteristics implied in the Korean Food 4 3. Comparison between China and Korea 4 3.1 4 3.2 4 3.3 4 4. Comparison on… between China and Korea 4 4.1 4 4.2 4 4.3 4 5. Conclusion 4 Bibliography 4 Introduction Any cultural group has a settled social model which regards their own enriching determining model as the standard to evaluate whether the behavior of groups from different cultural background is acceptable or appropriate. Therefore, in order to distinguish quite a few major features and compare them on cross borders, an inter-cultural dinner was arranged, in which several countries are involved: Bulgaria, China, Japan, Korea, and the UK. Group members included desserts, main course like sushi, dumplings, and curry, and side dishes like Korean kimchi. By analyzing the discussion of diverse cultures in distinct contexts, the diversity in cultures and suggestions for managers who work overseas will be debated. When individuals from diverse cultural background gather, it is highly probable that they will be confronted with social interaction difficulties. Appropriate and efficient communication is meaningful to overcome these obstacles. Intercultural understanding is the key to success to promote transnational cultural, political, commercial exchanges, which are of extraordinary significance both now and in the future. Culture makes people understand the values, and different cultures often lead to mutual understanding with unique cultural contexts will produce different views. Therefore, people usually tend to take their customary ways of daily communications for granted. This put their own cultural model on the behavior patterns of other cultures, which will

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