Understanding Child and Young Person Development

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1) Identify the areas of child development and write briefly about each one. Child development is a process every child goes through, and each stage of development child is learning in several areas at the same time. Children develop these skills in five main areas of development: S - Social development P- Physical development I - Intellectual development C- Communication development E- Emotional development Social Development: It involves the development of the social skills of the child, how child interacts with others. The child’s identity, their relationships with others and understanding their place within a social environment. Physical Development: As the child grows change occurs in their bodies in mean of body shape, their strength to do the different task, the change in size, shape, and physical maturity of the body which includes physical abilities and coordination. Physical development mainly covers two skills: 1. Gross motor skills: It involves the whole body movement such as drawing, skipping and others. 2. Fine motor skills: It involves the small muscles, specifically hands and fingers such as use of scissors, shoe lace tying, handwriting . Intellectual Development: This area of development involves the learning and the use of language. The child gains the information and how he uses that in problem solving. This area is related to the physical development of brain. There are interrelated components of intellectual development which are: • Perception • Thinking • Language • Problem-solving • Concepts • Memory • Concentration • Creativity Communication Development: This area develops the ability of the child to understand and use of the language. Learn to communicate with others, as language is the key factor in all aspects of child’s development. It is the
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