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Understanding Biology Frances L. Bynum Instructor: Saudat Adamson Biology (SCIE206-151B-05) April 5, 2015 Understanding Biology The experiment that we have chosen is that we have an observation after going to the bakery to get a loaf of bread, but all of the loaves seemed small. The baker said that he used the same recipe and tested to be sure the yeast in the dough was active, but the machine he used broke down during the kneading process. Because the bread rose, he decided that it had developed enough gluten, and he baked it off anyway. The question then arose does yeast need air to make bread rise? Without the proper amount of oxygen, the bread could not have risen properly. After preparing the machine to the original state, we will look at what is does to get our bread the way we like it. The machine kneads the dough opening the yeast which is allowing it to breath. As the bread breathes it seems to rise, the then make the bread open up more so that all of the flavors are combining. We will look at how the baker kneaded the bread. By hands might have changes the texture as we as the overall taste of the product. “It seems as Interest in research into gluten-free bakery products has been increasing in recent years. In this paper, we have focused on the effect of mixing on two different gluten-free bread formulas (80 and 110% hydration), studying bread quality parameters. In less hydrated breads, no significant differences were found depending on the mixing arm (flat beater or dough hook), but mixing time influenced the specific volume of bread, being these higher while mixing time increased. Both mixer arm and mixing speed were found to have a significant effect on bread volume and texture in more hydrated dough, achieving

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