Understanding Argument Essay

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Week #1 Writing Assignment: Understanding Argument. 1. What did you think of when you encountered the word argument as you began to read this chapter? What do you think now? Before reading the chapter the word argument brought a negative impact a pound me. My definition of this word where two or more parties having a disagreement with one another. Now I see a new meaning in the word argument. Arguments are everywhere in our daily lives whether negative or positive. 2. Provide three examples of your own to illustrate the statement.” Argument is everywhere.” One of your examples should be a visual argument. Politics argue about if the affordable care act has a positive or negative affect on the society, we argue about what is an acceptable amount of for minimal wage, and we have arguments about who should be the president of the United States. 3. Describe traditional and consensual argument. Give two examples of each. Traditional arguments are a public debate among candidates for public office or among other individuals who want to convince their audiences to side with them and accept their points of view and single-perspective argument occur when one person develops a perspective on an issue and argues to convince a mass audience to agree with this single view. Consensual arguments are dialectic, which two or more people participate as equals in a dialogue to try to discover what seems to be the best position on an issue. And academic inquiry, which is to discover through reading, discussion, and writing, new knowledge, and new truths about complex issues. 4. What are some of the conditions necessary for argument to work best? An issue, an arguer, audience, common ground, and a forum. 5. What are some of the conditions that may cause argument to fail? No disagreement or reason to argue, risky or trivial issues, difficulty in establishing common

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