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Accept Change In this technology-driven global economy, it is important to accept the inevitability of change and communicate this to employees. You do not want to raise expectations that the rate of change will eventually slow. Instead, companies serve their employees best when they acknowledge change is constant, but manageable. Practice Openness Organizations manage change most effectively when alert to its impact upon staff. Thus, commit to fostering an environment of openness. Establish an environment of trust through open-door policies, tools allowing two-way feedback and--most importantly--the willingness to listen non-defensively to all feedback, even when critical. Related Reading: The Role of Ethics & Responsibilities in Leading Innovation & Change Solicit Input Employees do not oppose change; they oppose change they have no opportunity to influence. If you welcome their input, they will better appreciate and accept the reasons for change. Also, your business just may benefit from their insights. After all, they are on the front lines with the best grasp of customer needs and preferences. Provide Training Organizations should first assess employee knowledge and skill level to determine their readiness for change. If they are found wanting, then they should first receive appropriate training to get better equipped to meet the demands of the new change or innovation. Adapting to change often requires mastery of new processes and skills. Accept and Recognize It is inevitable that some failure will occur as management and employees work to implement change. Accepting failure as an inevitable part of the learning process sends a positive message to employees. Organizations managing change and innovation most effectively are the ones taking time to recognize and celebrate success. They acknowledge change can be stressful, requiring long hours and extra

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