Understand What Is Meant by Counselling

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The characteristic of counselling is based on the relationship built (rapport) between two or more people either professional or non-professional, which aims to apply to psychological theories by using different sets of counselling skills such as the core conditions, core skills or micro-skills. The term counselling can have a variety of meanings, whereas in some cases it can be associated with problems that are related with feelings, emotions and negative past or present experiences. The simple way to define counselling skills is a communication skill that creates self-environment whereas the speaker feels safe to find their organismic self. A person who offers counselling skills will be providing support and guidance to the other person in order to aid them to reflect and explore their own feelings and clarify conflicting issues and finding alternative way in dealing with their problem(s). So that, those skills will allow the speaker or client to decide what to do next rather than have someone else to make decisions for them (introjection of values). On the other hand, all of those skills experiences will also allow the speaker or the client to be modified by experiencing, exploring and reflecting into they own intimate concerns without external locus of evaluation. The process can allow both parties to be involved in many sets of experiences such as developmental issues, critical decision-making, painful confrontation of self-defeating patters of feelings, thoughts and behaviour and acknowledgement of painful life events. The counselling role is applied by a qualified counsellor who has been trained to provide the service on the professional manner that also possess the knowledge to manage the counselling techniques by using the right approach; however a non-qualified person can also use the counselling skills to help another person although it is

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