Understand Ways to Maintain a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment.

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UNDERSTAND WAYS TO MAINTAIN A SAFE AND SUPPORTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. My current teaching practice is within the Bridge Centre. My work mainly focuses on one gentleman. For the purpose of this assignment we will call him ‘John’. John is currently looking to improve on his English reading and writing ability, so that he can take forward his ambition to become a creative writer. Through assessment, it has been recognised that John has Dyslexia, requiring specific learning requirements. The main areas to consider, were the resources, such as lighting, print and background colour. John is unable to read or make sense of black print on a white background. Through careful consideration it has been recognised that low level lighting and blue paper/background enables John to have a clear visual view. This teaching experience is a valuable development and I felt extremely pleased with the opportunity I had been given. All this aside, I was feeling extremely nervous regarding my capabilities to achieve good results. Our first meeting was a positive one, creating the foundations for a strong network base. I was unhappy with my lack of confidence in the beginning, as I feel this distracted my concentration to perform to the best of my ability. Students with ‘Dyslexia’ can show difficulties in the following areas: Slow to read and write, poor short term memory, short concentration span, and difficulties in comprehending new sequences or information and difficulties in digesting or extracting the meaning of written text. I therefore had to ensure that John was in no way disadvantaged, when considering my methods to assist in his learning plan. John had had a very negative experience of previous classroom environments. Having been seen as lazy and not recognising the need for additional learning support. This has lowered John’s self-esteem and confidence. I

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