Understand The Values And Principles Of Person-Centred Care

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Student number - 290778 Student number - 290778 Content This information document will explore the following: * Principles of care * Care value base * Legal implications of care * Health and safety, risk assessment and safeguarding vulnerable individuals * Ethical implications of care * An introduction to the concept of person centred care * Political influences * Impact of social factors on the provision of care Principles of care and care value base The values and principles of good practice in health and social care settings are of paramount importance to the delivery of high quality support to vulnerable adults. Understanding the principles that underpin practice and the role of models and ideology in defining approaches and influencing outcomes is a key aspect of acquiring knowledge about the function of welfare (University of Kent,…show more content…
Be aware of how others can help, understanding why feedback is important from others. Know how to record your personal development plan and the progress you make. Use learning opportunities and reflective practice to improve your development. Know your functioning level of numeracy and literacy to carry out your role. Learn the importance of reflective practice to continuously progress and improve the quality of service provided. Be aware of opportunities to learn and how you can access them, know how to measure if a learning activity has improved your skills and knowledge of effective

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