Understand the Role of the Social Care Worker

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Understand the role of the social care worker 1.1 A personal relationship is made up from friends and family who you have a close relationship with, love, and are intimate with. ‘friendships are normally people you choose to be with and share the same interests and know about your personal life A working relationship is one that that doesn't cross over into over-familiarity or inappropriate closeness 1.2 A working relationship consists of collegues, management, supervisors and other professional such as doctors, nurses, social workers the service users family and others who work in the same line of care as yourself 2.1 It is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role, as we all have our part in looking after our service users. If we all tried to do other peoples roles there would be no structure. We could also be over stepping the mark and doing roles we are not qualified nor trained to do 2.2 Agreed roles of working means following policies and procedures that are put in place by our companies and also to follow legislation. A care plan and risk assessment are put in place so that everyone who attends to an individual service user will be following the correct procedure and so limit any risk to yourself and others and carry out your role in a professional manner 2.3 It is important you have full and up to date agreed ways of working, as to begin with it is a legal requirement. There may be changes in polices within the law and the company must implement them to keep services users safe by following up to date polices and procedure and the work entailed within my job role. 3.1 It is important to work in partnerships with others when looking after a service user, as there could be many job roles involved with their care. These people can provide useful information; for example, a nurse can give you advice on looking after a
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