Understand the Role of Communication and Interactions with Individuals Who Have Dementia

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Unit Cu244p Understand the role of communication and interactions with individuals who have dementia . 1.1)Explain how individuals with dementia may communicate through their behaviour.. It could be through a few ways such as Crying,Shouting. Touch,Picture boards, writing.Repeating themselfs 1.2)Explain examples of how carers misinterpret communication.. aggressive/ bad behaviour may be misinterpreted by someone who doesn’t know the individual very well. The answer may be as simple as sitting in the wrong seat , Or in pain which can lead to frustration from the service user. 1.3)Explain the importance of effective communicationto an individual with dementia. Communicating with a person with dementia can be very difficult. In the early stages of dementia individuals have trouble finding the words to express their thoughts or wishes, and are unable to remember the meaning of simple words. But as the disease progresses it becomes more difficult as the language skills become impaired, which makes it very difficult to understand what they are trying to say. Positive communication can help a person with dementia to maintain their dignity and self esteem. 1.4) Describe how different forms of dementia may affect the way an individual communicates.. All forms of dementia can affect the way a person communicates, so in time they may have to find different ways of expressing themselves and their feelings. In the early stages of some forms of dementia people may have difficulty finding the right words they are looking for so as a carer you use Body language facial expressions, gestures, eye contact and tone of voice n the later stages of some forms of dementia the words could be lost completly. 2.0) Undertand the importance of positive interactions with individuals with dementia. 2.1) Give examples of

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