Understand the Role of a Social Worker Hsc 025 Essay

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A working relationship is a relationship where you spend time with your co-workers and clients during working hours. It’s strictly professional and there is little or no contact outside of working hours. You cannot choose who your clients are going to be. On the contrary a personal relationship is one that is formed through choice, with someone you share interest and feelings with and who you like and socialise with. In a working relationship you work to a set of rules and procedures and get paid for doing a job. You will be accountable and responsible for any mistakes or errors. Whereas in a personal relationship there are no set rules to follow and you won’t get paid. In a working relationship, you do not have to like the people you work with but you will need to keep personal opinions, thoughts and feeling to yourself. There is a code of conduct to follow. However, with personal relationships you can voice your personal opinions, thoughts and feeling and there are no rules to follow. Aii Give Two examples of different working relationships in an adult and social setting (HSC 025 1.2) The working relationship between a care assistant and service user: -The care assistant role is to make sure that every support they give to individuals is according to their agreed plan of care; it is their role to provide the client with good quality of care. They can only do this by involving the individuals in all decision making and encouraging both their participation and feedback about the service they are given. It is their role to keep communication going in the care sector, for example, communicating with individuals about their life whenever they want to. The working relationship between a care home manager to service user and other staff: -The role of a care home manager is to fulfil the role of a registered manager with 24 hour responsibility for managing all

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