Understand the Process and Experience of Dementia

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Dementia is a syndrome which is caused by diseases of the brain and loss of brain tissue. There are several diseases which give rise to dementia, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Causes can be generic, vascular and environment. People with Dementia lose their memory of day to day things but still remember things from their past. As the disease gradually gets worse individuals start to forget about their personal hygiene, personal wellbeing, how to cook or clean in their own home, they forget how to stay safe within their own environment. People with Dementia gradually lose their memory of being able to function as a functioning human being, it’s as if they go back to childlike and cannot remember anything on how to function. Individual’s process information in different ways therefore depending on their abilities will depend on their limitations while suffering with Dementia. Other Factors can cause changes in an individual’s condition, such things like change of diet or medication, change of habitat or area. Change of surroundings within their own home. Changes in their day to day health, changes of people, meaning changes of carers on a regular basis, therefore not being consistent. The abilities and needs of an individual with dementia may fluctuate because they are having a good/ bad day. Also this may change daily because of stress levels, if they have not had enough sleep and stress. This can cause the individual being frustrated, confused and have added memory difficulties. The individual’s needs and abilities may also fluctuate because the condition has progressed or being the later stages of dementia. Throughout these stages the individual will need more support on a day too day basis and more encouragement. An early diagnosis is hugely important as it enables people with dementia to understand their condition, access treatments that could

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