Understand Professional Supervision Essay

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Evaluate theoretical approaches to professional supervision It is important that supervisions are conducted on a regular basis to promote the professional development of the staff member and to resolve any issues that the staff member may be facing whether that be in the work place or in their personal lives. Supervisions are used to monitor working performance and to ensure that the staff member is working within the regulations of the code of practice, local nand national policy guidance and the company polices and procedures. Supervisions give both the staff member and the supervisor the opportunity to build an effective, open relationship where experiences and guidance is used and shared to improve working performance. The supervision can also be used as a training model setting goals and targets for the staff member to reach. Therefore improving personal competence and performance. Supervisions are one of the main ways to improve staff morale and motivation which should hopefully lead to the consistent delivery of high quality services. There are three main types of supervision, a 1:1 supervision, group supervision and telephone supervision. Each type of supervision has its own strengths and weaknesses. The 1:1 supervision is a good way of allowing staff to openly talk about any issues they face about the service, the person they support or any staff members and any personal issues they may be facing that can affect their working performance. This is also a good way of building a relationship and setting personal goals with professional development and personal development both being looked at. The weaknesses are that if there is a message to be given to the group and it is relayed individually to each staff member during a personal supervision then the messages can easily be misinterpreted and not carried out in full. The group supervision is a good way of
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