Understand Person Centred Approaches in Adult Social Care Settings 305 Aii

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Aii Why person centred values are important and how they influence social care work We all have our own values that have developed as a result of our family and childhood experiences, and as a result of our friendships and relationships. Our values are also influenced by people in our local community, as well as by national figures and the media. Social care workers are expected to promote particular values. By promoting person-centred approach choice and decision-making should lie with the person, as far as possible and also very important is that these principles are part of our everyday work. There should be nothing special about them, they should be part of day-to-day life.Everyone we work with is an individual, with their own particular likes, dislikes, strengths and personality. Services and social care workers should always focus on the individuals they are working with, rather than the needs of a group of people. We must have the hopes, dreams, interests and needs of each person we support as a top priority in our daily work.When we talk about promoting rights and values, what we should be doing is, actively using those rights and values to influence everything we do; seeing them as having an important role in all our work as care workers; encouraging their use as the standards by which we and others judge the quality of life of the people we support, and thequality of the services that support them.The use of values as standards is a huge challenge to services. But the idea is central to the basic principles of supporting people.Code of Practice for Social Care Workers requirementsProtect the rights and promote the interests of service users and carers.Strive to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of service Users and carers.Promote the independence of service users, while protecting them as far as possible from danger or
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