Understand Person Centred Approaches in Adult Social Care

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1 1.1 In adult social care we should all try to attain person centred working, this means each individual Is treated how they wish to be treated, keeping them involved by working in partnership to achieve there goals and respecting there rights.. Respecting each person’s choices, privacy and dignity. Support individuals to attain independence. 1.2, 1.3 Why? How? Encouraging people to make their own decisions promotes self esteem and independence. Maintaining dignity can help a person feel secure in their environment and helps build trust with support staff The individuals we support need to know how we maintain their personal records and details, they can feel secure knowing we old their details in confidence, they also need to know in what circumstances we may share information with others. Knowing how the person communicates is key, having a clear guide to determine how they like to be asked questions and how they indicate answers by verbal/non verbal means. Having a clear guide to how the person likes their personal care indicating their preferences and routine. Ensuring they are comfortable with the staff and enabling them to choose how they are supported. Everybody within our care needs a mental capacity assessment so we have clear guidance on what they can make decisions on. We can communicate in a variety of ways to explain how information is stored/shared. However in my workplaces case the families have this knowledge too. 2 2.1 By finding out the individual’s history, preferences and future wishes we can make sure they are completely centred in the planning process. We can support the individual to make their own decisions in a way they like. We can build in a routine for places of worship/ adapt menus and offer choices surrounding dietary requirements. We can devise an appropriate care plan that is completely centred around the
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