Understand Person Centred Approaches in Adult Social Care Essay

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1. Understand person centered approaches for care and support. 1.1 Define person centered values. 1.1 Person centered values are about people who are individuals that we support. Each individual, will want to have their own preferences and wishes included in the way we will support them, so we must ensure we have all of their details known to us in care plans etc. We should always ensure their rights are protected, by our support, or the use of advocates. We must encourage their independence, to build on their self esteem, and confidence. We must ensure their privacy, dignity, and respect is honored, and all needs met, as we need to have, the individuals, best interests at heart to support them. As a health and social care worker it is our duty of care to provide all of the above and also keep individuals safe from harm or exploitation. It is good for all professionals and organizations to work together in partnership with each other and the individuals we all support. We should follow codes of practice, and deliver what the service user wants. 1.2 Explain why it is important to work in a way that embeds person centered values. 1.2 It is important to work this way, by following codes of practice, as we need to ensure that we deliver best care/support, making sure, we do the correct things, in the correct way. We should as a professional, only do, or act, in a way, that we are competent to. Being responsible for vulnerable adults, we should recognize, that we are responsible for the welfare of these vulnerable people, and we have certain duties to carry out. We should never do something, that we know we cant, or not do things if it is unsafe e.g. using equipment. We have to identify risks, to protect them, so risk assessments need to be carried out for potential hazards. Providing support with the tasks that individuals need
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