Understand Mental Health Problems Cmh 302

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Understand Mental Health Problems CMH 302 Know the main forms of Mental ill health The main forms of mental ill health can include clinical depression whereby the main signs and symptoms of this may include: * An unusually sad mood that does not go away * Loss of enjoyment and interest in activities that used to be enjoyable * Lack of energy and tiredness * Loss of confidence in themselves or poor self-esteem * Feeling guilt when they are not at fault * Wishing they were dead * Difficulty in concentrating or making decisions * Having difficulity in sleeping or sleeping to much Bipolar is a specific type of depression this is where a person may have an episode of depression followed by an episode of mania. Mania is the opposite of depression. A person experiencing mania may be: * overconfident and full of ideas * be very talkative * find it difficult in sticking to one subject when they are talking * be full of ideas * have less need for sleep * take risks they normally wouldn't Anxiety disorders differ from day to day anxiety as they are more severe, it is long-lasting and it interferes with the persons work or relationships. Some specific types of anxiety disorders can include: * Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) The main symptom of this is overwhelming anxiety and worry, commonly about things that may go wrong or a persons inability to control a situation, even when there are no signs of trouble. Physical symptoms of GAD include a fast or pounding heart, headaches and inability to relax. Pyschological symptoms include excessive worry, feeling on edge, difficulty concentrating and sleep disturbances. After GAD has been present for a while a person may have inability making decisions that would normally be easy and may continually seek reassurance about everyday matters. * Panic Disorder A panic attack is where a person
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