Understand How to Handle Information in Social Care Settings Essay

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Understand how to handle information in social care settings Task B Prepare a set of guidelines to remind social care workers of best practice in handling information. Bi – Explain how to maintain records so that they are up to date, complete, accurate and legible. All records should be written in clear hand writing and in a language that the service user can understand. Do not abbreviate and only document facts that include the date it occurred and the date you documented it with your name signed with it, fiction and judgement are opinions and aren’t acceptable. Only record what is relevant and evidence based and to make sure everything is written up as soon as possible after the care has taken place. Bii – Describe how to ensure records are stored securely. All records are classified, private and confidential. These records should be kept in a secure environment, locked cupboards or password/code protected and key need to be secured once locked. The company’s policies will state how they protect records and these need to be followed precisely. All records need to be kept out of the sight of others and only accessed by authorised persons. Biii – Describe how to ensure security when reading and making entries into records. To ensure that records are secure when making entries or discussing records then it is wise to secure the environment, close doors/windows and ensure you are out of ear shot from anyone not involved. Write up daily notes in private and if you do have to leave for any reason then make sure that the records are returned to the locked cupboard/cabinet. Computer based records need to be password protected and the angel of the computer screen is important so that no one entering the area can read the information from any angle, ensure the screen is not left open to access when confidential information is on display. Always
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