Understand How to Establish an Effective Team

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Assignment One – Understand how to establish an effective team 1.0 Understand how to develop and maintain effective working relationships 1.1 Explain the benefits of effective working relationships in developing and maintaining the team The benefits of effective working relationships are numerous with regards to building trust, recognition, motivation, inclusion, optimising performance etc. By structuring and creating an effective working relationship you ensure that everyone works towards the common goal with maximum input and output whilst feeling ‘appreciated’ and that their needs are being met. Two of the main benefits are: Performance – working relationships that nurture skills and make each individual feel that they are actively contributing to the team’s performance, ultimate goals and objectives. The more valued a team member feels, the more enhanced their performance will be. From an Emotional Intelligence perspective and from the viewpoint of my team, this came in the form of ‘Developing others’ – identifying and acknowledging my team’s individual and collective strengths and weaknesses. Highlighting their accomplishments along with key areas for development, (as an individual and also for the benefit of the overall team). Example: Several members of my team discussed with me that they used all Microsoft packages throughout their work but some of the applications on an irregular basis which lead to timely and frustrating efforts. We discussed their requirements and needs and from this I sourced a training program which covered all of their skill levels and provided training courses on Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels within each application, it was online, available in different languages and they had a full 12 months to complete following registration Example: ‘Collaboration and co-operation’ are of major importance
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