Public Concern Case Study

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5. Understand how issues of public concern may affect the image and delivery of services in sector 1. Does your workplace have a brochure or prospectus? Who do they give these to? • Yes we have brochure to give o Clients and their relatives o Prospective clients 2. When you first started work how and what were you told about your workplace? • The location of work, toilets and facilities • Time-recording procedure • Rest/meal break times • Health and Safety rules • Introduced to the immediate supervisors and colleagues. • Job descriptions • FIRE EXITS 3. How does your local community know where you are and what you do? • Socializing • Advertisement • Internet • Word of mouth 4. Describe your code of practice and care…show more content…
There are many issues of public concern e.g. • Abuse • MRSA • Care in the community • NHS waiting list v private health care 1. Choose an issue either from the above list or one of your own and discuss the following points: Issue chosen: ABUSE a) What do the public think about this issue? This should never happen under any circumstances b) What do you think about this issue? This is something we should be aware of and be vigilant. Report to the appropriate authorities if you hear or see anything that cause you concern. Every staff member has a professional and moral duty to report any witnessed or suspected abuse to their line manager. This information should be referred to Social Services and every reported case must be assessed as a matter of urgency to determine an appropriate course of action. This assessment will take place, either during telephoned consultations with other professionals or during a formal planning meeting. c) How has this issue affected your work practice? It affects the work practice as the credibility and reliability matters if abuse occurred. d) What effects have the issue had on your organisation? • Poor relationship and management with the service users and its effects the credibility of care home when it comes to
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